Building research and LOB software and tools, designing hardware solutions and prototypes for interactions with physical world, conducting qualitative and quantitative research with users. Our areas of expertise and interest include internationalization, human-computer interaction and networking systems.


Software Development
Desktop, embedded,
web and mobile solutions
using .NET technologies
Hardware Prototyping
Building prototypes including custom PCB design, laser cutting, 3D printing
User Research
From psychophysical experiments to long-term field studies and ethnography.


Languages, writing systems, text encoding, localization, calendars.
Human-Computer Interaction
Input and output experiences and devices, industrial automation.
Networking Systems
Domain and web hosting, dedicated servers, network design and administration.

Contact us

UAM Czech Republic s.r.o.
Pražská 1279/18
102 00 Praha 15
Czech Republic
+420 211 222 591
National ID: 261 41 680
EU VAT ID: CZ26141680

Registered at the municipal court
in Prague, file reference C 73902.